Partner Yoga 365


Welcome to our Partner Yoga 365 Project. We are Christy and Meg, and we hope you enjoy following along with us on our year-long yoga journey. We plan to post a partner yoga photo every day for the entire year!! If you are on Instagram, follow along with us there! 00-IMG_9940-rt

Christy (pictured above, right) is a yoga teacher and studio owner. Her studio is called YogaStudio8 and it is located in Palm Coast, FL. Christy has an open and accepting vibe in her studio and invites yogis from all walks of life to practice alongside her. Follow her studio’s page on Instagram, if you are so inclined.

Meg (Pictured above, left) is a photographer, specializing in newborn babies and children. She also photographs yogis, musicians and artists of all kinds. Her newborn photography can be found here, or if you are on Instagram, here! Her yoga & music photography can be found here! Meg is also a mother to 5 (yes, 5!) sons!

Christy and Meg have been friends for many years, and their friendship has seen many highs and lows, but has withstood the test of time. They support each other (literally and figuratively) with non-judgement and unconditional love. Namaste, friends, and thanks for reading!


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