Partner Yoga 365

Partner Yoga 365-Day 145!

“Just another day of uplifting the women in my life… yes, we all make mistakes, hurt each other’s feelings, handle situations incorrectly; but it’s in the delivery of compassion, forgiveness and understanding that we can truly show up for each other and be unconditional and non-judgmental. I’m not always the greatest friend, leader, partner or teacher but my consistency lies within my ability to learn from my shortcomings..This week I learned from a great teacher that the most important aspect of showing up for the people around me is to consistently deliver praise and appreciation to the people in my life. It’s easy to criticize in the moments of frustration but to praise and appreciate is much more rewarding for all involved and much more uplifting. Gratitude for the many women who hold me accountable and stand by my side, I’ll always be a base for you!!!” ~Christy Lecuyer


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